The Healthy GSP

This site has been developed as a direct result of there being no group or organisation concerned with the health of our lovely breed here in the UK. It became increasingly obvious from the numerous enquiries I received that there was a need for support and advice on general health matters affecting the GSP so in an effort to offer a little guidance this website was borne. If you have any information to share on health matters or conditions I would be delighted to hear from you. 

Sue Harris, Barleyarch German Shorthaired Pointers - email:

Welcome to the site where you are encouraged as a  GSP owner to actively take part in the  future welfare of the breed in the United Kingdom. 

  • The aim of this site is to inform both owners and breeders of any issues that might affect either their ownership, activities or breeding plans, by highlighting what may be happening in and around the world of dogs that they are not necessarily aware of.

Most owners go about their business enjoying their dogs oblivious to what may be changing around them, and remain totally unaware of any new legislation, local authority trends, or changes in Kennel Club rules and regulations.

It is hoped that we might cut out the "gobbledygook" and tell it to you how it is, and how it might affect you personally. 

We also hope to give you the opportunity to contribute to the world of GSPs when opinions are sought or simply keep you upto date with current health issues or any of the GSP activites held around the country.

 If you feel you could contribute to this site by either articles relevant to the German Shorthaired Pointer, or know of a forthcoming event featuring the breed,

please email Sue Harris on:


Please bear with us whilst we develop this site. As yet many of the subjects we hope to include are not yet available. However, in due course we will have lots of articles that might be of interest, so please keep popping back to check us out.  

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Listed below are the subjects covered in this website, please click on the relevant topic at the top of the page for further details.

Hip and Hearts:

Hip Dysplasia - from a common sense point of view

Heart Testing - a guide to the Grading system - UPDATED

Vet list

Thyroidism and Eyes:

Eye and Thyroid Testing - how necessary is it?

Vet list

Autoimmune diseases:

What are they and are they a problem? Not yet available

Spondylosis and Tail Problems:

The new phenomenon to GSPs  -  "Dead Tail"

Temperament and Breeding:

Poor temperament - what behaviour should you expect

Breeding - should you?

Should You Breed and Responsibilities:

Responsibilites of a dog breeder

Responsibilities of a Stud dog owner

The Multi-talented GSP

Working your dog - useful advice and contacts

Showing your dog - useful advice and contacts

Contact a mentor for specific advice

Events, Links and Rescue:

Health Testing dates and GSP Activities

Useful links

Contact Rescue organisations

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