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 It is seen as a right here in the UK for anyone to breed from their dog and sell puppies to the Public;  whether they be purebred, Heinz 57's or the new trend of Cross breeds with amusing names such a Cockapoos etc. However, beware, legislation is tightening as we speak, and anyone that takes the decision to breed from their dog with  a view to selling the pups might well take the time to reconsider. Today litigation surrounds us, a price is to be paid for any negative consequence where negligence or even ignorance can be proven. Should one of your pups develop a condition that you should have either tested for, or should have recognised, or even have just taken responsibility for after it had may find yourself on the end of a very costly trip to the Courts.


Anyone can set themselves up as a so-called Dog Breeder, no personal qualifications or facilities are needed, and the whole thing can be done on a shoestring and sadly very often is. However the very best Breeders have served time within their breed, they have learned of the breeds general characteristics, they are usually aware of any health problems and likely steer clear of any associated pitfalls, they will have a network of contacts that might offer advice or help in a crisis, and more than anything have made decisions on choice of dogs to be bred together in the knowledge that it is likely to produce typical and healthy puppies. Stay at home breeders who do not mix with other breeders in the fancy, cannot possibly gather this knowledge, particularly if use they choose to use their own pet dog on the own pet bitch, something that smacks more of being a money making venture than an aspiration to produce Top Quality puppies.

 Responsibilities of the Breeder

I came across a very good site that goes into the details of whether you should breed from your dog, some of the costs and consequences. It is written from an American point of view and makes reference to the US dog breeding organisations. However, by and large it reflects much of what should be considered wherever you may live. Please take the time to read it BEFORE you venture into breeding from your girl. You never know, after reading it, you may just change your mind!

Click here to visit the site.

 Responsibilites of the Stud Dog Owner

Just because you are not charged with whelping the puppies and subsequently rearing them, the Stud Dog owner should not renege on his responsibilities. They should ascertain that the visiting bitch is of suitable merit and breeding to warrant producing puppies, and the breeder has the knowledge and honesty to rear them correctly and find only suitable homes for them. There are far too many purebred dogs produced on a whim, better to turn down a stud than produce another unwanted mediocre litter of hard to sell puppies.

For more in-depth information on Stud Dog ownership visit the Kennel Club website here

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